Local tourism campaigns paint an incomplete portrait of Milwaukee. Here’s how consumers can begin to broaden their own view of the city. more

Issue of the Week

This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly half hour of opinions with station promotions director Ryan Schleicher, Milwaukee Record editor Matt Wild and I, in the wake of this Monday's big Milwaukee Day celebration, we consider why the city someti.. more

On Music

In the age of Google, iPhones and Kindle, are brick-and-mortar libraries necessary?Absolutely. Now more than ever.In fact, libraries are enjoying a surge in attendance, despite the pervasiveness of instant-gratification multimedia options. ... more

Around MKE

Erich Wolfgang Korngold was one of the stellar names in movie music during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Those were the years before producers slapped a few pop oldies onto the soundtrack and called it musical direction. In the 1930s and ‘40s studio or.. more

I Hate Hollywood