Well before it became a political football, China made headlines with tales of economic growth in the face of a global downturn and reports of poor conditions in its factories. Eric Jay Dolin’s well-crafted account of chapter one in more

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Talk about the glass being half-empty or half-full; this season the Brewers' glass almost drained completely, then came close to overflowing. In the first two months, a spate of key injuries helped drop them under .500... more

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In a single trip, the Brewers' 2012 goal went from contending to rebuilding. The horrendous 0-6 stretch in Cincinnati and Philadelphia plunged them out of the playoff hunt and guaranteed pitching ace Zack Greinke's early departure... more

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Fans of the Milwaukee Bucks have had a pretty dull ride since 2001, the last time their team won a postseason series. In 11 years there have been only two winning seasons and four brief trips to the playoffs. Mostly it's been lap after lap... more

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Two years ago, a midseason trade for John Salmons energized the Bucks and helped propel them to the NBA playoffs for the first time in four years. But in a scenario all too familiar over the last decade, the good times didn't last. Now the ... more

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Just moments after the end of the All-Star Game, news broke that Dealin' Doug Melvin was at it again and had added Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod).Details of the trade so far are sketchy - the Brewers traded 2 players to be named later (P.. more

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It was first reported over at Bernie's Crew but now has been confirmed by multiple sources that the Brewers have traded Alcides Escober, Jake Odorizzi, Lorenzo Cain and a Player To Be Named Later (PTBNL) to the Kansas City Royals for Zach Greinke,.. more

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Elvis Costello's frequent collaborator T-Bone Burnett produced Secret, Profane & Sugar Secret, Profane & Sugarcane ,CD Reviews more

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The Brewers just traded Tony Gwynn, Jr. to the San Diego Padres for CFJody Gerut. The rumor cam from a SD radio station and Tom H of theJournal-Sentinel got it confirmed.From the J-S: “Gerut, 31, wasbatting .221 with four home runs and 14 RBI i.. more

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Punk has a long history of interest in folk music, dating back to Joe Strummer’s pre- Clash worship of Woody Guthrie. In an age where the late Johnny Cash has been re-imagined as a punk godfather and when younger punk artists are increasing... more

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Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt will perform live at The Pabst on Tuesday, February 17 at 8pm. This acoustic evening at the Pabst is sponsored by,Sponsored Events more

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  Diamondbacks acquire Adam Dunn from Reds August 11th, 2008 @ 10:57am by Tyler Bassett/Sports 620 KTAR, John Gambadoro/Sports 620 KTAR Sports 620 KTAR's John Gambadoro reports the Arizona Diamondbacks have acquired outfielder Adam.. more

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Alice Cooper plays at 8pm at the Riverside. The doors open at 7pm. He is the master of may Journal Sentinel ,Sponsored Events more

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There seem to be a lot of people against this trade and I can't imaginewhy. The two minor leaguers we gave up were unlikely to ever see timein a Brewers uniform. Durham's On Base Percentage so far thisseason is higher than any other me.. more

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  From What would NFL teams trade the Green Bay Packers for Brett Favre? The Packers have asked multiple teams what they would be willing to offer for their team icon and former NFL MVP, the NFL Network reported -- a state of af.. more

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I know next to nothing about the NBA, so tonight's draft means nothing to me, but I just got the word from my friend Geoff that the Bucks are trading Yi to the Nets. The story comes from ESPN.comI'll let Geoff be the CuteSports NBA guru since I'm .. more

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DennyRauen, settled in a How did your career as a luthier begin? ,Off the Cuff more

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Trapper Schoepp and his band mates look too young to have mid-’90s nostalgia, but th A Change in the Weather ,CD Reviews more

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Twentyyears,”Paul Cotter offers with a disarming grin. He’ Can’t Fight the Feeling, ,Local Music more

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