The 1977 novel The Twenty Days of Turin, which attracted a cult following in Italy, is finally out in an English translation. Cultural commentator Giorgio De Maria wrote the horror story as a metaphor of the political violence that overtook... Read more


A mid-month, local performer and Theatre Gigante collaborator Edwin Olvera will be discussing his work in creative movement as it has impacted the lives of those he has worked with. From the event description: “Edwin will be discussing wha.. Read more


This week Off the Cuff sat down with Christopher McIntyre, the visionary behind “Br(OK)en Genius,” a project striving to spark conversation about Milwaukee’s segregation and poverty issues. On Nov. 21-22, the South Milwaukee Performing A... Read more

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Much like the actual act of rapping, the business of rap music is trickier than it sometimes appears to outsiders. That’s in part why the attrition rate for rappers is even higher than that of musicians as a whole. Overzealous entrepreneurs... Read more

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