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A skeptic sees Phish for the first time at Alpine Valley to answer the nagging question, “Does Phish suck?” Read more

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Remember how Milwaukee more or less sat out Austin's South By Southwest music festival last year? Well this year it's making good in epic fashion. More than two dozen acts from the Milwaukee area will play the festival as part of a showcase organi.. Read more

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During his five-year hiatus from Phish, guitarist Trey Anastasio was typically prolific, creating a couple new bands, 70 Volt Parade and SerialPod, collaborating with the Benevento/Russo Duo, composing a classical music piece Read more

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Few bands were burdened with as lofty a task as Maritime. Born under the long shadow cast Heresy and the Hotel Choir ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Trey Anastasio spent the bulk of 2009 on the road with Phish, the superstar jam band that reunited last March after a five-year hiatus, then toured hard throughout the year, playing to massive audiences and also releasing a new studio album, Joy. .. Read more

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