Trolley will be joined by fellow Milwaukee ’90s rock veterans Heathrow and Solomon Grundy’s for a bill at Club Garibaldi on Friday. Read more

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A series of shows timed for the holidays make it a great week for Milwaukee music. Also Snoop Dogg is coming. Read more

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Trolley’s latest album looks to the spirit of the ’60s, while borrowing a few tricks from today. Read more

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Last year NEWaukee recruited a wide range of Brady Street bars, clubs and restaurants for its inaugural Eastside Music Tour. This year the event will be even bigger, with dozens of Milwaukee's most prominent bands playing more than 30 Brady Street.. Read more

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The Exotics were already together when people started talking to them about this cool new movie called Pulp Fiction. It wasn't so much the plot, or John Travolta's career revival, but the music that was the conversation starter... Read more

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One of the more cerebral affiliates of the sprawling Anticon collective, Chicago rapper Serengeti, who spins thoughtful, nuanced yarns over downtempo beats and abstract samples. Last year he teamed up with producer Polyphonic for Read more

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Went to another Badger game Saturday night and this game was more than worth our while.The Badgers beat the Michigan Tech Huskies 6-0 and finally looked like they had some life.We had pretty good seats, so I took a bunch of pictures. Considering h.. Read more

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  PeteTownshend coined the term “power pop” in the 1960s to describe The Last Chance Dance ,Local Music Read more

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