Ulysses&Rsquo; Crewmen

Corey Hart is a very good baseball player. He is also a very injury-prone baseball player: When he's not ruining one knee, he's ruining the other while trying to heal the first knee. Missing the entire 2013 season with those injuries has driven do.. Read more

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With the regular season Big Ten schedule having wrapped up, the media and coaches selected their awards recipients. Many of the awards were created or re-named to go along with the new, two division Big Ten. Montee Ball was named the initial rec.. Read more

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Milwaukee playwright and Insurgent Theatre co-founder Ben Turk spent years working on his script for Ulysses’ Crewmen , stripping it down from a more expansive drama to a tense, streamlined two-person, one-act play with. Read more

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The story concerns the kidnapping of the U.S. delegate to a G20 trade summit. It's a short Ulysses' Crewmen ,Theater Read more

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