Var Gallery & Studios

Milwaukee Gun Violence Survivors Week kicks off as a progressive radio station hosts a two-year anniversary party. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Var West Gallery (423 W. Pierce St.), an offshoot of Var Gallery, currently displays Siara ReNae Berry’s “The To-Do List”: a tight musing on the rigor and repetition of daily household chores with a sophisticated air and intriguing perspective. Read more

Visual Arts

Canadian pop-punks, self-effacing poets, a podcasting comedian and a folk band that never named their horse highlight an eventful week in Milwaukee. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Tonight at 8 pm, Caste of Killers Comedy Collective presents a gallery comedy show Subjective. Place a group of stand-up comedy types in a gallery setting and things could get interesting. Sounds like a promising skewing of a traditional p.. Read more


“Collective Show” is on view through early August at Var Gallery & Studios in Walker’s Point. Read more

Visual Arts

Artist, friend, sibling, lover, boss—when your identity is tied up in your current circumstances, can you ever fully define yourself?Can you integrate all aspects of your identity into one self at all times, or are you only certain self.. Read more

Visual Arts

Fall Arts Guide

Even in the midst of a disappointing, inconsistent season, Milwaukee Brewers fans could take pride in the selection of three legitimate All-Stars—Ryan Braun, Corey Hart and Yovani Gallardo—to the 2010 All-Star Game.Long-suffering Brewers fa... Read more

Taking Liberties 1 Comments

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? Hey, nothing but good news here for you’s moms and pops with extra dough who wonder where the heck to stick your out-of-control katzenjammers for a while this summertime. Pay Read more

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