Walnut Way

Urban agriculture has been at the heart of what Walnut Way and Lindsay Heights have accomplished during the past 20 years. Read more

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Urban beekeeping is growing in popularity in Milwaukee, where it is fostered by several community organizations and supported by UW-Milwaukee-Extension, Marquette University and city government. Read more

News Features

Sharon and Larry Adams and their neighbors wanted to revitalize their Lindsay Heights neighborhood, home to more than 2,700 families, into a residential area where people felt safe to leave their homes. So in 2000, Walnut Way Conservation C... Read more


As condiments go, mustard is a spicy frontrunner here in Wisconsin. Perhaps it’s because mustard pairs so well with our much-loved German and Polish food legacies. To that end, Sara Wong, owner and mastermind Read more

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The movement is led from the top by the healthy foods initiative of First Lady Michelle Obama and from Milwaukee by Will Allen, founder of Growing Power, named by Time Read more

Taking Liberties

One of way too many shows opening this weekend, Boulevard Theatre's Living Out is one of those that I expect to be seeing. It's the story of a Salvadoran nanny and the lawyer she works for. Rachel Lewandowski plays the lawyer. Marion Araujo plays .. Read more


On Saturday, Sept. 25, Slow Food Wisconsin Southeast (WiSE) is hosting The Art of Food, an evening of hors d'oeuvres, wine, music, sculptures, nature and art. The Art of Food will be held at the Lynden Sculpture Garden, which offers a unique.. Read more

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Formed from the core of Trolley, a once-prolific Milwaukee group that has mostly laid dormant for the past half-decade, the power-pop ensemble The Nice Outfit picks up where that band left off, tightening and focusing its sound. Packing pun... Read more

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