Waukesha County Museum


Top: Marta Pan, Floating Sculpture No. 3, 1972. Photo credit: Rick Ebbers/McDill Design / For the rest: Thinkstock / Maggie Vaughn

It’s disguised,but you can still hear traces of the etymology of the term “heritage” in theword itself, and this trace casts light on the word’s meaning. Long storyshort: a heritage is that which is inherited.Wisconsinites are the unknowing.. Read more

Happening Now

Les Paul predicted the iPod in 1954 when he proposed a device with no moving parts, small enough to fit into a pocket but able to hold “every song you ever wanted to hear.” Although he never got around to inventing the iPod Read more

A&E Feature

The largest of Milwaukee’s ethnic festivals, German Fest this year features dancers, polka, costumes, games of sheepshead, mask-carving activities, a blacksmith and genealogist, and almost criminally adorable dachshund races, but Read more

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