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For our Fall Arts Guide, we decided to look at several women who have challenged old habits by founding or taking leading roles within arts institutions. As happens in many ways, and more often than many of us realize, our city is in front. Read more

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“The dead house is about the last place people want to visit," the Milwaukee Journal wrote in 1891. “Living or dead." The line was from a hybrid investigatory/exploitation piece the paper ran on the sorrowful scenes at the little ci.. Read more

What Made Milwaukee Famous

Back in June, Director David Kaye was so excited about his first production meeting for For Purely Elfish Reasons that he posted on Facebook about it, saying that it, “could easily be the funniest and most fun show I've ever worked on.” He cl.. Read more


Wild Space Dance Company’s Fresh Tracks is an intricately woven site-specific performance with sophisticated choreography by a team of five company members and featuring compelling performances by a large cast under Artistic Director Debra ... Read more


According to William S. Burroughs, the abstract entity of Control, “needs time for what it kills to grow in.” That’s an elegantly dense, little nugget of insight into the nature of society. It’s all about time. The social oppression the ke.. Read more


In just a few weeks, Theatre RED opens the world-premiere production of A Thousand Times Goodnight. Written by Jared McDaris, the play is a fusion of the 1,001 Arabian Nights and the style of William Shakespeare. The story follows master storytel.. Read more


Bohemian Fun: The Milwaukee Ballet’s world premiere of Michael Pink’s La Bohème was celebrated with much frivolity at the fabulous Hamilton bar. After the ever-eloquent Pink described his upcoming oeuvre... Read more

Happening Now

You are apt to be quite taken with the beauty of Downtown Milwaukee and its environs as they appear in a wraparound panorama from atop the eight-story parking structure of the former Pabst Brewery, set high on... Read more

Classical Music

How cool is this? On the flat roof of the INVIVO Wellness building beside Stubby's Pub & Grub, along the Milwaukee River just north of the Humboldt Avenue Bridge, a lighted dance floor and seating will be installed for open-air performances... Read more

Classical Music 1 Comments

It is to the lasting credit of founding choreographer Debra Loewen and the artists and community members who have worked with her or otherwise given their support that her Wild Space Dance Company has made it through 25 seasons... Read more

Classical Music

“I’ve worked in construction all over downtown Milwaukee and I’ve seen this building all my life, but I’ve never set foot inside. It’s beautiful!” exclaims a middle-aged workman, the only person other than me to visit t Read more

A&E Feature

Tom Thoreson spent 20 years as an artist in residence at Milwaukee’s Lincoln Center of the Arts, choreographing and dancing with great style in Bauer, Wild Space and the company he came to lead, Foothold Dance Performance. Now he is a perso... Read more

Off the Cuff

In the fields of dance and hybrid performance, almost every work presented in our town is brand new. Debra Loewen is among the most original of the originators. She has been making dances here for so long that the life energy of our city is... Read more

Fall Arts Guide

After viewing a53-second sequence on a computer screen, during which I was aware of a sub For more information, visit ,Art Read more

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