Will Eisner

Paul Levitz’s Will Eisner: Champion of the Graphic Novel uses words and visuals to chronicle the accomplishments of one of the preeminent sylists of 20th-century comics. Read more


Will Eisner, regarded as one of the pre-eminent stylists of 20th-century comics, is a good storyteller to boot. He remains best known for his 1940s series The Spirit, which set the bar for superheroes for decades to come. From 1951 through ... Read more


Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit and the graphic novels A Contract With God and A Life F The Spirit ,A&E Feature Read more

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Will Eisner is ranked with the eminent stylists of 20th century comics. The comic industry’s annual awards are called the Eisners in his honor. His most influential cartoon may have been a post-World War II series called The Spirit, a dark story .. Read more

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