Those Xcleavers

Working in the Third Ward? Love your morning coffee? Thentake a stroll with your co-workers down to Catalano Square today between 9:30a.m.–10:30 a.m. to enjoy the World’s Largest Coffee Break courtesy of DowntownEmployee Appreciation Week (July.. Read more

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If one marker of growing old is the realization that the companions of youth are dying, then the survivors... Read more

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Those XCleavers, U2, The Police, new wave Read more

Local Music

Hat tip to Ryan Miller for introducing me to this track on last night's Indie Soundcheck: NOFX's new single, "Creeping Out Sara," an apparently somewhat true story recounting Fat Mike's run-in with one of the Quin sisters from Tegan and Sara (ther.. Read more

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Those XCleavers were among the most entertaining and substantial bands from Milwaukee's new wave scene, and probably the most enduring. A reissue of choice material from the 1980s reveals their streamlined ,CD Reviews Read more

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