Youngblood Theatre Company

Sometimes everything comes together on a production. Sometimes all of the elements of a show run together in just the right way. That's what seems to have happened prior to opening night with In Tandem Theatre's Read more


The Youngblood Theatre Company today announced it is canceling its production of its new drama Red Light Winter after actor and Youngblood co-founder Andrew Edwin Voss was badly attacked this weekend. Voss is in critical condition, the company say.. Read more

Happening Now

Just when I thought I had a handle on the summer theatre season, a new company announces a three-show summer season . . . with all three shows starting up NEXT MONTH. There’s very little into available about Youngblood . . . at least so far ... Read more


Stores opened their doors as early as midnight on Thursday- before the Thanksgiving leftovers were cold-hoping to give,News Read more


   Unconventional but fascinating displays at the John Michael Kohler Arts Cente Search for Understanding ,Art Read more

Visual Arts

Youngblood Theatre  mentioned on Facebook this past Thursday that it was beginning rehearsals for its January show Red Light Winter. Written by Adam Rapp, the play is about a pair of young, American guys who share a “window prostitute,” in Amster.. Read more