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Jun. 2, 2014
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Split an apple turnover

with a southern trucker

right ‘round the time we realized

I had left all my cash

in Milwaukee.

            Waking in North Platte

            disappointed I didn’t sleep

            all the way through Nebraska.

Lunch in the mountains. Brian,

behind the counter asks,

“What’ll you have,

you douche?”

            Colorado begins slowly, carried

            through by the memories of

            the world’s largest truck stop

            and cat shirts.



Bix  Firer lives in Anchorage, Alaska where he spends his time running and scrambling through the nearby Chugach Mountains and works at a Waldorf school. His work as an experiential educator has taken him from Milwaukee, WI, to Colorado to Alaska. Bix has worked as a rock climbing coach, cook, janitor and girls basketball coach. He spends his free time running, climbing and skiing.


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