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Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Louis Fortis (ext. 3802)

General Manager: Kevin Gardner (ext. 3825)
Arts & Entertainment Editor: David Luhrssen (ext. 3804)
Express Events Editor: Rip Tenor (ext. 3810)
Music Editor: Evan Rytlewski (ext. 3818)
Copy Editor: Selena Milewski (ext. 3819)
Assistant A&E Editor: John Schneider (ext. 3817)
Editorial Assistant & Assistant to the Publisher: John Jahn (ext. 3801)
Web Publisher: Cole Vandermause (ext. 3807)
Web Editor: Rob Hullum (ext. 3806)
Circulation: Josef Bieniek (ext. 3809)

Creative Services:
Art Director: Dave Zylstra (ext. 3821)
Graphic Designer/Illustrator: Melissa Johnson (ext. 3838)
Graphic Designer/Photographer: Maggie Vaughn (ext. 3803)

Sales Manager: Alissa Weber (ext. 3805)

Account Executives:
Bridgette Ard (ext. 3811)
Chuck Hill (ext. 3822)
Stephanie Schroeter (ext. 3816)
Derek Steinborn (ext. 3831)
Donna Wagner (ext. 3815)

Sales Coordinator: Lisa Kortebein (ext. 3813)

Event Coordinator: Rachel Repetti (ext. 3823)

Business Manager: Peggy Debnam (ext. 3832)


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