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Brewing Beer: Boil and Hop Additions

Aug. 4, 2017
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We met up with Adam Thomas, director of barrel operations at MobCraft Beer, on a day they were brewing a batch of Bat$h!t Crazy, the brewery's flagship Coffee Brown Ale. After the mash-in process, the sugary water is transferred to a boil kettle while the grain is left behind. That sugary water, or wort, is brought up to a boil before hops and other flavors are added.

In this video, Thomas talks about this process and why hops are added in this order.

As Thomas explains, the hops add a bitter flavor that balances with the sweetness generated by the grains.

Hops haven't always been the primary bittering ingredient in beer. Long ago, brewers used a combination of bitter herbs and flowers like dandelions, burdock root and marigolds. However, hops have become the norm because of their antimicrobial properties.

The MobCraft taproom is open seven days a week. There are over a dozen beers on tap and several available for purchase to-go. Stop by to give them a try and stay tuned to ShepherdExpress.com/MobCraft for more updates.

Upcoming Events

Over the next few months we will continue to take a look inside the Walker’s Point brewery and taproom to get a behind the scenes look at everything from their brewing process, packaging, special events and, of course, the crowd sourcing approach to turning your ideas into beer.

The Brewery Series is brought to you by MobCraft Beer.


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