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Peggy Jennings

Sep. 23, 2008
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The prerequisite for success is customer satisfaction.

Peggy Jennings and husband/partner Herb Kosterlitz began their company in 1980 and quietly built a business providing apparel to satisfy the social needs of America's most discriminating women. Unlike the overwhelming majority of designers, they manufacture every piece in their own factory to ensure a superb level of quality. Production is located in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Believing that design begins with exciting fabrics, every collection incorporates at least 100 new, exquisite fabrics from the finest textile mills in Europe: French laces, Swiss and Austrian embroideries, silks and cashmeres from Italy, etc. Every piece is made to measure, silk lined and meticulously hand finished, providing exactly the perception that the wearer wishes to project. Fashion is, after all, all about perception. The variety of looks in the collection speaks to the breadth of women who are attracted to the collection season after season. At Peggy Jennings, the greatest joy is the customer loyalty they enjoy and the relationships that have evolved.

Peggy's eye for taste, balance and proportion are unique and ensure a level of unmatched sophisticated elegance. Today, the collection is available through Milwaukee's Au Courant, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and other fine specialty stores throughout the United States. More than 70 trunk shows per year present the collection, one on one, directly to the clients under the auspices of these stores and are overseen by Peggy's older son, John, who also oversees the Florida factory. Each store receives a photo book with excerpts from the collection. Peggy's younger son, Jay, also designs the collection with her. This is very much a family business including an extended family of very talented artisans. Many have been with the company for nearly 30 years, and each takes great pride in what they do and for whom they provide joy and happiness.

Peggy Jennings never reveals the names of clients.

It was never Peggy's intent to trade on the notoriety of her clientele and she never reveals the names of clients. The day after the presidential election in 2004, Laura Bush was asked about her suit and let the press know that it was by Peggy Jennings. On subsequent occasions, Mrs. Bush has let the public know that her apparel was created by Peggy Jennings. Articles published in the New York Times, the Washington Post and Women's Wear Daily have brought this most discrete designer into the spotlight.

Peggy feels all those who wear her designs are "first ladies" in their own right. First ladies of charitable events, honorees and guests choose to wear her designs. Each woman's need is taken seriously, her satisfaction never taken for granted.

Peggy Jennings is not only a wonderful fashion collection, but also a very unique company that totally integrates concept from design to use with complete control.


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