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Paul Ryan only cares about his own job

Jeff Simpson, Cottage Grove

Oct. 6, 2008
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Dear Editors:

I was happy to see Congressman Paul Ryan passionate about someone's job as he spoke in favor of the Wall Street bail out. Unfortunately, the job he was worried about losing was his own. In the last two weeks alone, Paul Ryan has voted against: reducing our dependency on foreign oil, regulating overseas energy traders, stopping the credit card companies from preying on lower income earners, giving tax breaks for renewable energy, and making appropriations for job creation. While as many as 10,000 American workers will lose their jobs in the Janesville area, we finally see some passion out of Paul Ryan.

It is just too bad that he cares more about his friends on Wall Street and his own job on K Street than he does putting, Made in Janesville cars on the street.

Jeff Simpson, Cottage Grove


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