Pink Banana April 1st Fundraising Challenge

$1500 matched by Grant if Pink Banana can raise that sum by April 1st.

Jan. 11, 2011
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Recent good news from Optimist Theatre in the way of a Wisconsin Arts Board grant has recently been joined by similar news from The Pink Banana Theatre Company.

Founded in 2004 as a DIY Theatre Company, the group has recently been recognized as a 501 C 3 nonprofit company. The status is big news towards the continued well-being of a company that has featured the work of quite a few local playwrights and up-and-coming actors and actresses.

The group recently announced that it had been awarded a grant of $1500. Granted, this isn’t a huge amount for many of the more established companies in town, but for a young group struggling to maintain itself, it’s huge. The award comes with a promise of an additional $1500 if the group can come up with $1500 in other donations by April 1st, 2010.

The work of groups like Pink Banana is absolutely essential to establishing a thriving indigenous theatre scene. Any donations help. And thanks to the new status, all donations are tax deductible. For more information, check out the “support” section of Pink Banana’s website.


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