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Surprising Inventions in DanceLAB's 'Art to Art'

Aug. 17, 2011
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Contemporary dance has few rules, if any. One way for choreographers to invent new surprises in such a free environment is to work with artists who think in different terms. Danceworks DanceLAB's “Art to Art” program focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration and offers selected choreographers a working process that includes sensitive feedback from peers and mentors. The resulting concert will be presented Aug. 19-21 at Danceworks Studio Theatre. Here is a taste based on early drafts seen in rehearsal.

Steve Moses dances solo to his friend Justin Spaller's voice as writer Spaller tells a noir-ish dream of thirsting and searching. Sometimes the dancer and dreamer seem identical, but often choreographer Moses follows his own subconscious impulses.

Choreographer/dancer Liz Sexe transforms herself through movements derived from the improvised dancing of her “untrained” friend, the composer/musician Tim Russell. To inspire his musical accompaniment, she taught the steps back to him. Sexe's dance questions the meaning of “trained.” Or as Russell puts it, “The inner struggle of your whole life is there.”

Choreographer Simon Eichinger dances with dancer/flute player Joe Pikalek in vignettes about their relationship, mothers and sons, and God. Steven Michael La Fond addresses classic relationship issues of dance and music in his work for three women to Aimee Leigh Wetenkamp's songs about love and faith. Molly Mingey and composer Jas McHugh create sardonic comedy about the service industry. Co-choreographers Andrew Zanoni and Megan Zintek work with painter Mary Adamson and musician Scott Rousch "to find beauty in an unlikely place."

Danceworks Studio Theatre is located at 1661 N. Water St. For tickets, call the box office at 414-277-8480. 


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