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Death Speaks Out: A Murder Mystery Show

Tonight @ The Brumder Mansion, 6:30 p.m.

Jul. 27, 2012
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One of four exclusive dinner plays at the Brumder Mansion, Death Speaks Out is a fictional tale about six murder suspects who become involved in the “Spirit Symposium,” a reality television show about paranormal activity. The show's cast includes paranormal author and Master of Ceremonies Thomas Vincent, the infamous and narcissistic Alan Pennington, bitter European clairvoyant Madame Georgia, the sly yet seemingly goofy Tracy Bardwell, and the young psychic medium Olivia Romanofski. Undercover police woman Susan Pickford pretends to be an audience member. While some are at the Symposium for money, others for fame, and others for revenge, all of them are guilty of hiding their true motives from each other. Attendees can enjoy sandwiches, pizza, meatballs, beer and wine at the play.


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