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Fyxation on The Eastside

Off The Cuff with Nick and Ben Ginster

Jun. 8, 2013
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Brothers Nick and Ben Ginster co-founded Fyxation, a bicycle parts and accessories company that services hundreds of domestic shops, and the international market. They recently opened a local facility at 3618 W. Pierce St. and have released their first bicycle: The Eastside.

They spoke with Off the Cuff about disappointing brothers and Chinese food’s health advantages.


The Eastside - how would you describe it?

Ben: The culmination of four years of work. Very versatile - it can be a single speed or fixed gear. High quality, but won't break the bank. Looks as good as it rides. 


Tribute to the Milwaukee neighborhood, or to where the bicycles are made -- in Taiwan? FarEastSide? 

Nick: Milwaukee. Where we grew up, rode our bikes, worked on bikes, built bikes. Naming a new product is hard – especially your first one - but this was easy. 


Which brother is older? 

N: Me.

B: But we graduated college the same day. 


Better looking? 

Both: I am. 


Other siblings we should know about? 

N: Younger brother Aaron, in Chicago. Bit of a disappointment. A F.I.B. and only ended up an emergency medicine physician at Cook County Hospital. 


Fyxation opened in 2009. What were you in your previous manifestations? 

N: UW-Milwaukee, majored in engineering. Worked for Hayes in Mequon designing disk brakes. I moved to Taiwan to manage Hayes’ overseas sourcing and manufacturing. 

B: UW-Madison, marketing. San Francisco, for Black and Decker. Managed sales and marketing for tech start ups, too. I live in Utah, now. 


How was Taiwan? 

N: I was in Taichung, a city of 2 million, middle of the island. It isn't very international. I moved there with my wife and son and returned 5 years later with a daughter. 


Milwaukee’s best Chinese food? 

N: I don't eat Chinese food any more. You don't want to know why. 


Your first release was a tire (the Session 700). What made it unique? 

N: Vibrant colors, an aggressive tread pattern and a Kevlar puncture protection layer. We think it is the perfect city tire. 


“Just 2 guys and a tire!” was your startup slogan. 

B: It was actually "2 dudes and a tire" but we wanted to appear bigger. 


How about: "Many dudes and Tires" or "Guys with a Tire and Many Chinese behind them"?

N: You don't want to call people from Taiwan Chinese. They don't like that.

B: The new name speaks to our core; anybody passionate about cycling - it's their Fyxation. 


How many products do you offer? Where are they locally? 

N: Tires, saddles, handlebars, grips, stems, pedals, pedal straps and now bikes. 

B: Our first purchase commitment was Ben's Cycles. Now: Truly Spoken Cycles, Rainbow Jersey and Cory the Bike Fixer. They weren’t afraid to take a risk with a smaller local company.


Rodeo themed parts: bullhorn bars, rodeo stems, seats and rodeo colors? A wild, western Utah thing?

 B: I'm surprised you didn't ask how many wives I have...


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