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Where They Drink: Nick Chipman

Mar. 7, 2017
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Nick Chipman

Corner Pub
7602 W. Lisbon Ave.

Leff’s Lucky Town
7208 W. State St.

Nick Chipman, who deep fries everything in sight for his successful food blog, dudefoods.com, knows a thing or two about bar food. He heads to the Corner Pub for “the best wings in Milwaukee, and it isn’t even close.” Now that he doesn’t live near there anymore, he misses stopping there for 50-cent wing night when he’d “proceed to drink whiskey and Cokes and absolutely devour piles of their garlic Parmesan wings.” He still finds himself weekly at Leff’s Lucky Town, though, thanks to the fact that they have a “great patio, you never have to wait long for a drink and I love their food. I still have no idea how they have such a large menu and still manage to get the food out so fast with the tiny kitchen area they have, but they do a hell of a job at it.” 


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