The recipe for a cool, frothy beverage called limonada de coco, with coconut milk, lime and sugar. Read more

Flash in the Pan

Milwaukee’s Amber Frymark makes even tap water taste good with her “beverage enhancer,” Zwitchel. Read more


The Shepherd’s recurring “Where They Drink" segment features Nick Chipman. Read more


Where the best in Milwaukee arts and entertainment goes for a drink. Read more

Fall Drinks Guide

Summerfest is only aweek away—crazy, right? I always spend a few days there, and this year, I'mplanning to see Willie Nelson, Paul McCartney and Weezer, to name a few. AsSpring rolls around each year, I get excited for the lineup announcemen.. Read more

Brew City Booze

While many people cook traditional holiday meals every year, there are lots of families that prefer to dine at a restaurant on Christmas. You might be surprised to learn that there are a good number of them open, and even more bars are open Christ.. Read more

Brew City Booze


Photo by Maggie Vaughn

Pleasant Kafe (1600 N. Jackson St.) is an appealing coffee, wine and espresso bar that brings a welcome feeling of European café life to this historic Italian East Side neighborhood. Read more

Dining Out

Winners in the Food & Drink category for Best of Milwaukee 2012. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2012

Splash Studio: A Painting Bar (184 N. Broadway) opened March 21 in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. David Poytinger splits owning and operating duties with his wife, Marla Hahn... Read more

Off the Cuff

Aside from brief appearances at film festivals and art houses, Israeli films are seldom seen in the U.S. The recent book Israeli Cinema: Identities in Motion (published by University of Texas Press) gives a good sense for what we\'ve been missing... Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Super Tuscan. Yet another WineSpeak term that can make a novice wine drinker feel over his or her head -- like "full malo" or "highly extracted." This term for certain Italian reds was all the rage for a few years, and I think has died down... Read more


"I think you'll see a number of members in kilts," says Swanson, the Great Taste's brewery coordinator and a teacher at Madison's West High School who does community outreach for students with disabilities. "Look for at least a few,A&E Feat Read more

A&E Feature

Spoon last came through Milwaukee as part of their breakthrough year in 2007, touring behind their album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga with a well-received show at Summerfest, then a return to the city that October for a long, heated performance at the Pabst The.. Read more

On Music

Ironically, synthetic herbicides are poisonous not just to earthworms but to your lawn, too! Not to mention the harm they do to all the other innocent bystanders such as you, your family and pets, birds, wildlife and our waterways (and therefore f.. Read more

Health & Wellness

This Week in Milwaukee ,None Read more

This Week in Milwaukee 1 Comments

It's impossiblenot Wine Spectator's "Award of Excellence" every year since 1990. All wines are offe ,Dining Out Read more

Dining Preview 1 Comments

You know what I love more than kibbles, more thantable scraps even? The food at all of the bars and restaurants on theGerman Fest grounds, of course. I’ve got my eye on some new menu items,including a smoked beef sausage called the landjäger, .. Read more

Happening Now

If your pants are still fitting properly, then you have not been taking proper advantage of Downtown Dining Week. Through Thursday, restaurants all over the city will be offering special three-course menus,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

If your pants are still fitting properly, then you have not been taking proper advantage of Downtown Dining Week. Through Thursday, restaurants all over the city will continue offering special three-course,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee