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Tom Reynolds Fraud

Dawn M. Martin

Jul. 26, 2008
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Joel McNally’s exposure of former Republican State Senator Tom Reynolds’ efforts to replace good, solid Democrats with wolves in donkey-hide is greatly appreciated.I would never deny anyone the right to run for public office.But, I strongly and vociferously object to this attempt by Reynolds to portray these individuals as Democrats in an attempt to hood-wink the voters.As Mr. McNally correctly stated, none of these candidates are dues paying members of the Democratic Party.Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for someone to belong to the political party that they claim to represent as a candidate and potential office-holder.
It should be noted that these upcoming legislative races are not the only instance with candidates who have had an epiphany of opportunity and have chosen to run as Democrats.
The same thing has happened in the race for Milwaukee County Clerk.There are four candidates on the September 9th primary election ballot running as Democrats.There is no Republican candidate so the winner takes the prize.Of the four candidates only one has a long and strong record as an actual Democrat, Joe Czarnezki.Czarnezki served in both the State Assembly and State Senate as a Democrat.He has been a member of the Democratic Party since he was old enough to be eligible for membership.He was a leader of the College Democrats while a student at UWM.He has been a delegate to numerous State Democratic conventions and the Democratic National Convention.There is no question about his Democratic credentials.Joe Czarnezki is a true progressive Democrat.
The same cannot be said of Czarnezki’s opponents.Candidate Carla Rice first joined the party after she decided that she would run for this office.Jim Schmitt and Suzette Emmer have never been members of the Democratic Party and are not to this day.I believe that the voters need to know that the only real Democrat in the race for Milwaukee County Clerk is Joe Czarnezki.
Dawn M. Martin


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