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The worldwide acclaim of Breathless (1960) transformed film critic Jean-Luc Godard into the leading director of the French new wave and infante terrible of European art house cinema. Fascinated yet repelled by Hollywood, Godard approached the str.. more

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Seven years ago Shana McCaw and Brent Budsberg met in Milwaukee coordinating a performance art event. At that time, their monumental hopscotch game created the connection between four art galleries, which included Flux Design, and .. more

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The spirit of giving permeates the city during December. Likewise, the creative spirit of the arts also brightens these cold winter days. ,Art more

Visual Arts

%uFFFD%uFFFD Joseph Sinness' cross-hatched pileups of vegetation, bouquets of felines and Feigned Growth ,Art more

Visual Arts

Joel McNally’s exposure of former Republican State S Blender ,Letters more

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A new art gallery creates excitement by turningpreviously bare walls into vehicles for   April25 - June 13 at the UWM Union Art Gallery, 2200 E. KenwoodBlvd. Call 414.229 ,Art more

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The wang-bending touring troupe Puppetry of the Penis treat their reproductive organs as You Should Be So Lucky ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Milwaukee’schapterof the worldwide organization Food What are the basic principles upon which this group was founded? ,Off the Cuff more

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