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RE: Where's Pailin's Beef?

Jack Winters , Milwaukee

Sep. 5, 2008
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As a scientist, engineer, and educator at a local university, watching Sarah Palin's speech was like entering a black hole going back in time - an absence of content, or considerations of the realities of the 21st century in which we live.
A role for science in society? Ooops, creationism and land-extraction rules over critical inquiry and the quest for new knowledge. A role for engineering and innovation in society? Ooops, maybe for drilling more holes in the earth or making higher-powered snowmobiles, but not for the innovative green technologies we need and in other areas where we've lost leadership and spirit.
A role for education in society? Ooops, eliminating books in libraries and educational material that we don't like in schools doesn't seem to be the meal ticket for preparing our young people for their futures in a changing world.
And no discussion on healthcare, our godless war, or our imbalanced economy - but discussion on how to cut up a moose. I'll go for qualities I find attractive in a leader: not a pretty-faced pit bull mentality but rather thoughtful visionaries for change that fits the 21st century and will be respected around the globe, and intrinsic listeners and life-long learners who work hard to enable problem-solving that uses our multitude of talents to best serve all those within our society. McCain blew it, and now it's even clearer where to find bull... and where to look to see light.


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