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City Guide 2017: 35 Years of Serving Milwaukee

Apr. 11, 2017
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2017 marks the 35th anniversary of the Shepherd Express, Milwaukee’s weekly newspaper. The city has seen many changes during those years. In 1982, Milwaukee was in decline by many measures as a once-thriving industrial hub in danger of sinking into the Rust Belt. The city’s uplift began with a change in leadership in local government, but was (and continues to be) supported at every step by local enterprise—by the individuals, businesses and community organizations that have made Milwaukee a great city for living, working and playing.

The Shepherd Express has played an important role in the rebirth of Milwaukee. Over the past 35 years, we have contributed to political change in the city and promoted the growth of its cultural life, including the remarkable proliferation of performing arts groups, the opening of many new restaurants, the revitalization of neglected neighborhoods and the greater awareness of the city’s unique history. In 2003, we created the Milwaukee International Film Festival as our gift back to the city.

In the present time when fake news or poorly written pontifications are often substituted for real journalism, the Shepherd Express has remained a trusted and dependable voice for our 300,000-plus readers in print and online. From the cultural legacies left by our city’s beer barons and the socialist administration that gave us America’s greatest system of public parks, through the traditional work ethic of our industrial laborers and our present-day network of artisans, Milwaukee has always been a city that demands quality. The Shepherd Express endeavors to live up to those standards in all that we do. We dedicate the 2017 edition of our annual City Guide to our readers, the people of greater Milwaukee.


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