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David Riemer’s ‘New Deal 3.0’ shows the path towards the kind of America we should aim to become. Read more

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“Our mission is to improve the environment cost-effectively, but it’s getting harder to do that with the changing climate that we’re currently facing,” MMSD Executive Director Kevin Shafer says. Read more

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Meet Earnell Lucas, the man who came in with the goal of restoring the honor, the integrity and trust back to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. Read more

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The Couture Rendering by Rinka Chung Architecture

Seven years ago, the Couture project was started, but it still hasn’t reached the construction stage. Read more

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The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center is an affordable option to go out on the water, learn to sail and enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan. Read more

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In an exclusive interview, Chuck Chvala discusses the most important issues facing Wisconsin and the challenges Gov. Evers faces. Read more

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Fein Brothers’ co-owner Todd Minkin discusses his gratitude for his local community. Read more

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The Shepherd Express speaks to Rep. Evan Goyke about the ongoing debate within state government concerning the Wisconsin budget. Read more

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Alberta Darling’s political extremism is doing a disservice to the state and, specifically, her own constituents in the evolving Eighth Senate District she’s represented for more than 25 years. Read more

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The recent decision by the Democratic National Committee to hold the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee confirms what Milwaukeeans already know: We live in a great city. Read more

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We Energies is asking the Public Service Commission to approve an increase in our utility bills over the next two years. Read more

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Why is Gov. Tony Evers’ budget getting so much push back from the state legislature? He defeated an incumbent by proposing a new direction for the state, including proposals the voters definitely embraced. Read more

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Gov. Tony Evers announced he wants to legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize recreational pot, call your representative to help the reform pass. Read more

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Last fall, the voters of Wisconsin overwhelmingly supported the legalization of marijuana. Sign this petition from the Wisconsin Justice Initiative to urge Gov. Tony Evers to lead Wisconsin forward on this important issue. Read more



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If you have a Republican state representative or state senator, contact them, and ask them why they oppose Medicaid expansion and why they continue to ignore the will of Wisconsin voters. Read more

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If Wisconsin wants to keep pace with neighboring states and Canada and secure the full fiscal benefit from an initial surge in sales to fund top state priorities, it cannot wait. Read more

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While most states, including our nearest neighbors, move quickly toward cannabis reform, Wisconsin is lagging far behind. Read more

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E.G. Nadeau, a sociologist and a long-term Madison resident, and his son Luc, an ecologist who lives in Longmont, Colo., just published the second edition of The Cooperative Society: The Next Stage of Human History. Off the Cuff spoke with E.G. Nade Read more

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The Shepherd Express has always been a strong supporter of LGBTQ struggles throughout our 36-year publishing history. Read more


The Shepherd Express goes Off the Cuff with Daniel R. Stalder, professor of psychology at UW-Whitewater, about his new book, The Power of Context. Read more

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