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New Book Teaches Vegan Cooking Without Fuss

Jun. 13, 2017
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Author Laura-Jane Koers was gaining weight and having trouble staying awake. And then, “I knew that I had to change my relationship with food—forever.” Her recipe book, Cook Lively!, results from her decision that a plant-based diet might turn her life around—if only she could make her own vegan meals without too much fuss. Cook Lively! is based upon healthy ingredients that can be had year round (go elsewhere for seasonal recipes). Her pantry is stocked with pure maple syrup for dessert, plenty of nuts and seeds, canned beans (but no canned lentils!), bottled lemon juice (not as good as fresh, but in a pinch…) and dried herbs. The recipes include many substitutes for animal-derived foods, such as her delicious looking “Lox and Cream Cheese.”


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