Four Guyz Extended in Elm Grove

Four Guyz In Dinner Jackets at the Sunset Playhouse

Apr. 2, 2012
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The Four Guyz In Dinner Jackets have the potential to capture an interesting crossover audience . . . at least in theory. The four-part musical group appeals to an older demographic—older boomers who remember the early days of rock and roll AND retro hipsters into the music as well. And while this may not be the exact reason for the group’s success in Elm Grove, their latest theatrical cabaret show at the Sunset Playhouse sold out of its original run. Now they’re extending that run for an additional two weeks.

The show now runs April 25th through May 6th  at the Sunset Playhouse. Tickets can be reserved by calling the Playhouse at 262-782-4430 or with the Playhouse online.





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