Together Alone – A Virtual Photography Exhibition

Together Alone: A Virtual Photography Exhibition

Together Alone logoThe main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~ Auguste Rodin

When people share an experience—in the case of the novel coronavirus, a global experience—we cannot help but observe and appreciate the things humanity has in common rather than the differences between cultures, nationalities and beliefs. Mothers and sisters, uncles and grand-dads, rich and poor (although the former will always have an easier time of it), coaches, players, dancers and photographers—the whole shebang of humankind comprises the fine point on this unprecedented time in history. Due to social distancing and quarantine across the globe we find ourselves mercifully, poignantly, longingly and lovingly together…alone. Welcome to the fam.

Together Alone is a virtual photography exhibition curated by CoPA in partnership with Shepherd Express and Zadarski List. Everyone who contributes a photograph to the exhibition is providing witness to these extraordinary events and is helping to chronicle the unique and not-so-unique ways in which we cope with social distancing and quarantine.

TCOPA logoogether Alone is open to anyone who wishes to submit a photograph depicting how the pandemic has changed our lives. What are people doing while sequestered in their homes? How are we coping and staying sane without social gatherings, live music, the gym, restaurants, play-dates and all the other group activities we must now forgo?

Zadarski ListCoPA will partner with both Shepherd Express and our new friends in our sister city of Zadar, Croatia at the daily newspaper Zadarski List (the online edition). Both publications will publish images from Milwaukee and Zadar so that we can be truly Together Alone.

Visit the CoPA website for information on how to participate.