Milwaukee Radio Alliance

Milwaukee Radio Alliance, the broadcasters behind local stations B93.3 and FM 102.1, introduced a new station today: The Party 100.3 and 1290 AM, an uptempo oldies station that will include a broad sweep of music from the '60s through the '90s. In.. Read more

On Music

Even though racism remains one of the most intractable social problems in America, the politics of race... Read more

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News broke last week that Eric Von will be back on the air at WMCSthis time as the host of the Morning Magazine. I’m really happy that the station is bringing back its local morning news talk show (I miss Joel and Cassandra, though). The other mor.. Read more

Happening Now

In 1516, Raphael painted La Donna Velata (The Woman With the Veil). Through June 6, the High Renaissance painter’s magnificent portrait is on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) in a one-work exhibition titled “Raphael: The Woman Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The singing quartet in the Skylight Opera Theatre’s Plaid Tidings won’t let the fact that they were killed in a car crash in the 1960s stop them from putting on the TV Christmas special they’ve always dreamed of. Getting past the ,Today Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The Chicago ensemble Cornmeal, which headlines an 8 p.m. show at the Miramar Theatre tonight, labels itself "progressive bluegrass," but that tag may give the wrong impression. While the group isn't immune to occasional jammy digressions in... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Waukesha won’t soon pose a challenge to Milwaukee’s “city of festivals” crown, but I’ve got to admit, I’m legitimately impressed by the music lineup at the city’s A Taste of Summer festival, which out-state-fairs most state fairs. David Cassidy, D.. Read more

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After Wisconsin has poured hundredsof millions of taxpayer dollars into private school vo What’s your take? Write: ,Taking Liberties Read more

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