2 Guns

 Bobby(Denzel Washington) and Stig (Mark Wahlberg) pull up to a small town diner inan old Challenger and proceed to plan a bank robbery. They are the odd coupleof 2 Guns ,a buddy comedy coupled with a crime thriller. Bobby and St.. more

I Hate Hollywood

This action-comedy was originally conceived as a vehicle for Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, in the wake of their Wedding Crashers success. Years passed before the project was assigned to Baltasar Kormákur, an Icelandic director who went with... more

, Film Clips

Thirty years after the Islamic Revolution, “Persian Visions: Contemporary Photography from Iran” brings the work of 20 photographers to Milwaukee (at the Haggerty Museum of Art through Jan. 17, 2010). Despite cultural sanctions imposed by t... more

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