2010 Elections

The fact that so many Wisconsin voters know so little about Sen. Ron Johnson is surprising in a state so polarized by recalls and the divisive, extreme policies of Gov. Scott Walker that voter participation and intensity are among the highe... Read more

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The conservative takeover of Wisconsin in 2010 didn’t happen by accident, according to a new report by American Bridge, a progressive watchdog group tracking the influence of conservative Read more

Issue of the Week

“Never Been Indicted!” is not a very strong campaign slogan for someone running for office. But apparently Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker thinks that should be enough Read more

Taking Liberties

In the initial phases of the John Doe investigation, the public learned how then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s county aides worked on his gubernatorial campaign while working at Read more

Issue of the Week

So I’m crunching the numbers and sifting through Tuesday’s election results. Now, I know it’s comparing apples and oranges, since Democrats didn’t have a hotly contested gubernatorial or U.S. Senate race to bring out voters, b.. Read more

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I’m with Xoff on this one: the latest poll from the UW Survey Center is beyond belief. Just look at the results for the governor’s race and you’ll see why it’s bunk: “A majority of all Wisconsin residents said they did not know enough about S.. Read more

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So gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann is not seeking the Republican Party’s endorsement in the primary. His reason? He wants the election to be decided by voters, not “party leaders who will be meeting in Milwaukee.” (Walker’s.. Read more

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An impeccable source is telling me that state Sen. Julie Lassa of Stevens Point will run for retiring Congressman David Obey's seat. More to come... UPDATE: It's official. State Senator Julie Lassa Launches Campaign In Wisconsin’s 7th Congres.. Read more

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“Governor Jim Doyle will make a special announcement to the people of Wisconsin tomorrow, Monday, August 17, 2009 at 11:00 a.m.,” reads the press advisory from the governor’s office. But we all know what he’s going to an.. Read more

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Good thing Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is launching his sixth annual Tourism Ride next week, allegedly to promote Milwaukee County’s hotspots, and not the county executive’s campaign for governor. Because according to a new pol.. Read more

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Charles Busch's cult comic-drama Die, Mommie, Die! is a tribute to the aging film divas of the 1960s, with humor that comes from its sheer campy style. The play will be the final Spiral Theatre production in Milwaukee before the company mov... Read more

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Milwaukee’s Masonry is an instrumental math-rock trio for people who don’t like instrumental math-rock. Where instrumental acts like Pelican endlessly riff on their songs like they don’t have anywhere to be, Masonry is more interested in Read more

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For years now, estimable jazz artists have produced albums honoring their more illustrious predecessors-the pathfinders who made their music possible. The phenomenon has extended to rock 'n' roll. Pat DiNizio, vocalist for the excellent '80... Read more

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For the third program of its 2008-2009 season, the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music’s resident piano/violin/cello ensemble the Prometheus Trio will perform lesser-known pieces from three of classical m,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Likeall successful entrepreneurs, Wisconsin You’ve been a known quantity on the business scene since the ’70s. What was yo ,Off the Cuff Read more

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Trouble in Mind, a drama by Alice Childress exploring race relations, occupies the "p Trouble in Mind ,Theater Read more


Next Act continues its season with Jeffrey Hatcher’s Murderers, three monologues set Murderers ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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