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Kanye West is playing Summerfest  this year. That's an impressive concert for any festival under any circumstances, but West's June 30 Summerfest date is even more remarkable considering that it's his only announced show of the entire summer. Let.. Read more

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Even by Summerfest standards, the festival's Harley-Davidson Roadhouse stage invites some really random lineups, and the stage's lineup for this year is no different. A rapper, a blues guitarist, an alternative-pop band, a couple of roots-rock ban.. Read more

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Summerfest announced the headliners of its U.S. Cellular Connection Stage withLeinenkugel’s and FM 102/1 yesterday evening: June 29        Jack’s Mannequin 10 p.m.June 30        Neon Trees 8 p.m.                    Panic! At The Disco 10 p.m.J.. Read more

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Summerfest has announced the 2011 headliners for its M&I Classic Rock Stage. Loretta Lynn and Toots and the Maytals are among the pleasant surprises that join previously announced opening-night headliners Hall and Oates and a whole bunch of usual .. Read more

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Summerfest announces the 2011 headliners of its Miller Lite Oasis stage yesterday, a mix of perennials like O.A.R. and Matisyahu and more novel inclusions like Girl Talk and Maroon 5. The festival will next announce the lineup for its M&I Classic .. Read more

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Metalsmith Jon Michael Route’s 30-year-plus career offers a contemporary interpretation of the ancient techniques of blacksmiths, tinsmiths and silversmiths. While the majority of the 25 works for the exhibition exist for functional use, ev... Read more

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Nowadays, Steven Soderbergh is the hardest-working man in Hollywood. Since 2000, he has di Ocean's ,Film Read more

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R&B, soul, gospel and hip-hop artists in Milwaukee (or anywhere) would do well to study entertainment lawyer James L. Walker Jr.'s extensive guide to getting one's business together in making a career out of urban music. Walker combines per... Read more


Vincent Price was one of the greatest horror actors of all time, yet he made very few genuinely great films. House of Wax is among his finest hours, a campy 1953 genre exercise that is grounded by a surprisingly sympathetic performance from... Read more

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"I am drawn to plays that I have not a clue how to do," says Gordon, a member of The Homecoming ,A&E Feature Read more

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The work of Washington, D.C.-based performance and video artist Jefferson Pinder, featured at Inova/Kenilworth through June 14, is a study of race through metaphorical opposites: figures in motion against backgrounds in stasis; dark in the ... Read more

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