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Releasing 10 albums over the past 20-plus years, Pearl Jam has experienced a storied career, but all but its most devoted fans admit that the last decade hasn’t lived up to the groundbreaking arti,Concert Reviews more

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When drummer Chris “Woody” Wood joined singer/guitarist and main songwriter Dan Smith in what would become the band Bastille in 2010, he had reached a turning more

Oct 14, 2014 12:24 AM Music Feature

It's shaping up to be a busy year for Ryan Adams. This fall the singer will release his latest self-produced album, Gimmie Something Good (out Sept. 9 on PAX-AM/Blue Note Records), and next month he'll release the latest installment of his 7-inch .. more

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The best band of the 2000s post-punk revival until they weren't anymore, Interpol has announced plans for to release a new album in September, El Pintor , their fourth attempt to top their 2002 debut Turn on The Bright Lights (the upcoming album's.. more

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Nas has spent much of the year on a victory lap, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut Illmatic with an expanded reissue of the album and a lengthy tour performing the record in its entirety,Concert Reviews more

Jul 2, 2014 11:29 AM Concert Reviews

By this point you've either succumbed to Iggy Azalea's summer hit "Fancy," or you're fundamentally put off by the rapper who's looking more and more like 2014's answer to Mackelmore (if Mackelmore were an Australian model who rhymed in a very prac.. more

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When it comes to Summerfest, people place a curious significance on opening day, as if it’s some sort barometer by which you can read precisely how the next week and a half are going to play out.,Concert Reviews more

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Over their many years together, Austin indie-rockers Spoon developeda reputation for consistency, releasing a highly acclaimed album every coupleof years or so, including four great albums in a row during the ’00s(or five great albums in a row,.. more

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It can be a bit of a sore subject, but there’s no denying that Milwaukee is often frustratingly absent from the touring itineraries of many big-ticket acts. There are plenty of reasonable explana,Concert Reviews more

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As the frontman and major songwriter for the nearly universally acclaimed alt-country institution Wilco, Jeff Tweedy has little cause for concern should the band, which is currently on an extended b,Concert Reviews more

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The Pabst Theater Group has shown an interest in expanding beyond its core trio of venues over the last few years, booking shows at the Marcus Amphitheater, BMO Harris Pavilion, Miller Caves and Humphrey Scottish Rite Center in addition to the Pab.. more

Jun 16, 2014 3:00 PM On Music

Just as quickly as the ’90s ushered in a new soul-music renaissance, the ’00s put that renaissance on hold, as some of neo-soul’s brightest talents retreated from the spotlight. Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo spent much of that decade off the gri... more

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Conor Oberst didn’t leave the sold-out crowd at the Pabst Theater hanging too long Saturday night. Just three songs into his set he played the first of what would turn out to be a very generous he,Concert Reviews more

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It almost didn’t matter how Future was rapping, nor what he was rapping about, at The Rave Friday. A tall, commanding presence with a shock of dyed cornrows bunched like a blonde volcano exploding,Concert Reviews more

May 26, 2014 11:06 AM Concert Reviews

It's been 23 years since a heavily flannelled Pearl Jam released their debut album, Ten , a blockbuster that helped fuel the ’90s alt-rock explosion and introduced the band as the everyman alternative to Nirvana. The band’s long run is particularl.. more

May 21, 2014 5:00 PM On Music

After more than 20 years fronting Wilco, Jeff Tweedy is preparing to release his first solo albums. Details on that album, including a release date and title, haven't been announced yet, but today Pitchfork reported on Tweedy's corresponding solo .. more

May 18, 2014 11:00 PM On Music

Thoughhe’s not a natural born public figure like Pharrell or Timbaland, songwriterand producer Ryan Tedder is quietly one of the most successful pop architectsof this young millennium. He’s crafted massive singles for Beyoncé (“Halo”),Kelly.. more

May 14, 2014 9:00 AM On Music

Blues rockers The Black Keys established themselves as one of alternative rock's biggest contemporary acts with their 2010 album Brothers , a blockbuster that spawned several heavily licensed hits, including the Danger Mouse-produced "Tighten Up.".. more

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Maxwell may not be the most reclusive of all the great neo-soul singers—that honor still belongs to D'Angelo, for now—but he works at a mighty slow clip. With his 1996 debut Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite , Maxwell helped establish mellow, groove-base.. more

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Retiring The White Stripes certainly hasn't hurt Jack White's brand any. With his many side bands and more recently his solo ventures the singer/guitarist has continued to enjoy the kind of "rock legend in progress" cache otherwise reserved almost.. more

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