2020 Democratic Party National Convention


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Milwaukee has been known as a sex trafficking hub for many reasons; the Democratic National Convention this summer poses new challenges. Read more

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Jean-Gabriel Fernandez

The company’s Cream City Crime Syndicate: Ransom Is Relative is a look into Milwaukee’s socialist past made into an original radio drama script. Read more

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The year 2020 will be momentous for Milwaukee with the Democratic National Convention happening in summer. So, as we ring in the new year, how can we gear up for our unprecedented civic close-up? Read more

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As part of a series of local events leading up to the DNC, the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee is announcing the CommUNITY Growth Summit. The two-day event scheduled for Feb. 11-12, 2020, will focus on the city as a model for development. Read more

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Read the Shepherd’s Saving Our Democracy column to find out how you can get involved in activities in the Milwaukee area that push back against discrimination, bigotry, homophobia, etc. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Community leaders face the challenge of representing all of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods during the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Read more

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In order to extend the streetcar to Wisconsin Ave., a 4-mile M-Line extension along Vel R. Phillips Avenue and 5th Street would be needed. Read more

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Now, about Trumple-thinskin’s jewel of a July 4 speech and how our Revolutionary War army took over the airports to help us turn the tide, I’m reminded of the words of the late, great philosopher and sage, George Gobel ... Read more

Art for Art's Sake

Next year’s convention offers an opportunity to focus on improving, and perhaps expanding, Milwaukee’s public realm. Read more

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With one year left before the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, we need to understand who the candidates are. Read more

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The recent decision by the Democratic National Committee to hold the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee confirms what Milwaukeeans already know: We live in a great city. Read more

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Milwaukee's aggressive push to host the DNC has paid off. Read more

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Milwaukee has a good chance to host the 2020 Democratic Party National Convention. Can you help make it so? Read more

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When running the Milwaukee Urban League’s 2020 Supplier Diversity Registration Sessions, Martha Love says the number one question she gets about bringing the Democratic National Convention to Milwaukee is: What can I do to make sure this happens? Read more

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