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Rendered in an unusual format, a fold-open accordion within a hard cover, the graphic novel Undocumented has a narrative all-too common in today’s America. Read more


The graphic history The Bridge depicts the birth of the Brooklyn Bridge and explores the project’s human-side drama of its designer, John Augustus Roebling. Read more


Many immigrant stories are harrowing, involving flight from dangerous places and surmounting the obstacles found upon arrival in America. Thi Bui, born in Saigon, transformed hers graphic novel-style into an “illustrated memoir," The Bes... Read more


A young African American writer, Dana, falls through a tear in the fabric of space-time and is abruptly cast from California 1976 to the antebellum South. That’s the plot of Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation, the signal novel by science-f... Read more


Becoming Andy Warhol by Nick Bertozzi and Pierce Hargan is a “graphic novel biography” of Warhol in the early 1960s, already established as a commercial artist but wanting something more—the respect of being displayed in galleries and br... Read more


“Krazy Kat,” one of the most delightfully bizarre cartoon strips to emerge from the early years of the Sunday funnies, was the work of a New Orleans Creole who passed as white, George Herriman. The tirelessly prolific illustrator moved to New.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

At the biennial World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska, four local heroes defeated the usually dominant German contingent. The 18-category pageant, which took place in May, included,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Read more

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