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The impression given by Milwaukee Americana singer-songwriter Zach Pietrini in his social-media presence is of a well-adjusted, cheerful husband and father. The release of his fifth album, Holding Onto Ghosts, evidences an ability to write ... more

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Leon Redbone was half a decade shy of fame when a Buffalo, N.Y, college radio station recorded a batch of his songs. It was 1972 and Redbone, wearing an old suit and a thrift store hat, was part of an,Album Reviews more

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Picking up from From Jahmaica to de World in 2013, Gary Nesta Pine once again delivers the excellent reggae songs that he has come to be known for with Revelations. Many of the songs deal with heavy and timely themes. more

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Considered the poet laureate of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes drew on jazz and blues for rhyme, rhythm and words. His poetry is easily adapted for music and jazz guitarist Ken Hatfield heard the grooves more

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After leavingMilwaukee for Boston in the mid-’90s, Peter Mulvey earned spare change Notes From Elsewhere, ,CD Reviews more

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