Summerfest has announced it will give fest-goers a chance to attend intimate afternoon acoustic sets inside the new American Family Insurance House ahead of the performers' evening performances. Read more


Intended as a conceptual piece, on Milwaukee-area folkies Tom & Barb Webber’s latest album, each song represents a step in a journey toward emotional healing and wholeness. Read more

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Boozing it up is one of those rites of passage that some creative types are almost expected to go through. For Jason Isbell, it was a duty he was more than willing to Read more

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If The Plainsmen have the kind of name you'd expect to hear announced on “Simply Folk,” it's not the only place the Milwaukee septet ought to have a presence. Theirs is the kind of acoustic/electric Americana rock amalgam that Read more

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This summer has been a bit bewildering. It feels like there’s a new theatre company opening every week. Actually, my best realistic estimation is something like - - - three companies starting up in a four week span.Putting it into perspective: .. Read more


Forty years ago this July the world was focused on one thing: the first footsteps of humans on another world. On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 lifted off from Cape Kennedy for a mission to the moon. Anyone conscious at the time will never forget t.. Read more

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After an unusual quiet period, R. Kelly returned this week with The Demo Tape, a new DJ Drama mix loaded with interpolations of recent singles like Kanye West's "Love Lockdown," Keri Hilson's "Turning Me on," Soulja Boy's "Turn My Swag On," T. Pai.. Read more

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The Walker Brothers were, briefly, England’s newest hit makers in the ‘60s, arousing A Hard Day’s Night mania across the British Isles. But they weren’t brothers, none was born with the name Walker and, despite their convincing Englishness, they .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Starting June 6, the Milwaukee Art Museum's Baker/Rowland Gallery will present two exhibit Tall Clock ,Art Read more

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Legislators have the opportunity to do the right thing this week by voting to ban smoking in Wisconsin. The state Senate held a hearing today and the state Assembly is holding a hearing tomorrow. Both houses could vote on legislation quickly and s.. Read more

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My busiest month for theatre reviews (some 17 in all) has emptied out into a relatively light month of seeing only 10 shows . . . but the nearly constant review schedule has had a strange effect on me: . . . last week I finally got around to a l.. Read more


Pigeonholed by his ties to iconic soft-rockers Fleetwood Mac, even though he contributed s Under The Skin ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Shopping at a brand-new supermarket isn't unpleasant by default, but with parking lots the size of football fields, sterile lighting, indifferent employees and 50,000 square feet to navigate just to find,Eat/Drink Read more

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One of the most popular of the jam scene’s barefooted, genre-hoppin’ bros, Keller Williams has, after years of being dubbed a one-man band, made the leap to touring with an actual band. Since la,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Kanye West cemented his star-making reputation when he produced Common’s 2005 hit Be Be ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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A local favorite, thanks to his soft, coffeehouse-ready folk, on-again/off-again local singer/songwriter Peter Mulvey will be sporting stronger quads and tighter buns when he plays an 8 p.m. show at the Tur,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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It’s time for longtime Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner to retire. ,None Read more


Residents of southeastern Wisconsin can send strong message on Sept. 9 by voting for Marge Krupp in the Democra,Elections Read more

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The all-local Cascio Interstate Music Groove Garage stage goes hard-rock for the day, with a headlining 8 p.m. set from Milwaukee glam-metal rockers Spiral Trance.   Read more

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Michael Huckabee Website: Michael Huckabee Blog: Michael's Blog Video: chiquangue ,Elections Read more

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