Brett Ryback is a Muskego native, professional actor, writer and composer, raised in the Milwaukee theater scene. He is an award-winning creator of nine full-length musicals and travels around the country performing and developing new work. Read more

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Living in a place that cherishesfootball as much as Wisconsin does has given us the secondhand joy of SuperBowl triumph, and that’s nice, but we’ve also had to watch a lot of athletesblundering through local endorsements. From Reggie White rasp.. Read more



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Actor Michael Stebbins talks about moving back to Milwaukee and the allure of David Sedaris’s holiday essays. Read more

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Richard Halverson relocated to Milwaukee, where he made a mark as a member of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. The Shepherd Express caught up with Halverson ahead of the Milwaukee Rep’s production of Harvey, which casts him as Judge Omar Ga... Read more

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In January, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon posted a righteous rant to his blog: “I think it should be a law that to use Auto-Tune, you are required to have a license, based on your ability to sing without it. I believe that Auto-Tune and beat det... Read more

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It’s a strange bit of trivia, but commercials for a certain local electronics store have been referred to as “welfare for actors.” It’s a bit strange to think that someone with the right credentials could get paid quite well for merely sitting in.. Read more


I'll be joining FM 102.1's Ryan Miller for another chatty hour of his "Indie Soundcheck" program this Sunday night at 11 p.m. We'll be playing music from Surfer Blood, Art Brut, Vampire Weekend and the Supergrass side project Hot Rats. We'll also .. Read more

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Like the Spin Doctors and Rustic Root, Big Head Todd and The Monsters were jam band before their was an organized jam scene, and while they played the music industry slot machine and scored some radio play,,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Earlier today I had another interview at the Off-Broadway Theatre for a January 22nd Shepherd-Express preview column. Talking with people backstage Off-Broadway is precisely the way one would expect it would be talking to people backstage . . . th.. Read more


I very rarely get to talk to people active in local theatre who aren’t directly involved in a project that they are working on at that moment. Such experiences are usually fleeting moments in the lobby of some theatre. Just a few weeks ago, I had.. Read more


Rachel Schmeling, a15-year-old actress who has studied with the First Stage TheaterAcade The Happy Elf ,Off the Cuff Read more

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Backstage at the Off Broadway Theatre there was a sense of anticipation. There was a coat rack in the rehearsal space with a distinctive-looking hat and coat on it. There was an old desk onstage. In the middle of that desk: an unmistakable pair of.. Read more


Michael Gotch is one of a relatively small group of new actors who has made an ongoing impression from a series of disparate roles on high-end stages in Milwaukee over the course of the past several years. While there is nothing outwardly dazzling.. Read more


I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? And speaking of politics, I remember it was 40 years ago this time of year that as a young man I had precociously packed up the horn I played on the Eugene McCarthy presidential bandwa... Read more

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Milwaukee inducts its newest poet laureate, Susan Firer, today at a 1:30 p.m. ceremony at The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It ChangedAmerica ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Forecasts call for a warm, sunny day, which should make tailgating at Miller Park particu Shield ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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