State auditors provided a rare independent, detailed look at the operations and oversight of the county’s behavioral health services and raised critical issues. more

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American holidays have become trying, especially family gatherings whose participants would rather not be together. It’s a subject for comedy, and has seldom been handled more provocatively than in Uncle Nick (2015). more

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The early medical intervention advocated by former Congressman Patrick Kennedy is contrary to how we currently treat mental health or substance use disorders. Now, we wait until someone has entered “stage 4” of their illness, then wonder... more

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Photo Courtesy Uwe Hermann, Flickr CCSugar can be found is 80% of all the food we eat morning,noon and night.  (Really, take a look atyour labels and start tracking.)  Nowonder it can be hard to successfully lose weight and steady blood pre.. more

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Founded in 2004 by Executive Director John Arneson, the nonprofit Sober Alternative Living Services (SALS) Houses sponsors five voluntary, non-institutional sober living houses that offer more

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“America’s got a big taste for painkillers,” New York Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan told the crowd assembled at last week’s regional symposium on heroin and opiate addiction more

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Sincethe genre’s earliest days, MCs have described rap as poetry, an assertion thatonce seemed bold but now seems indisputable. Of course rap is poetry. It's auniquely insular strain of poetry, though, more interesting in quoting itselfand inv.. more

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Founded by Meta Orth in 1963 as Our Home Foundation but known by residents as Meta House, this nonprofit offers treatment in lieu of jail time to women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Meta House was one of the nation’s first sub... more

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There have always been good people working to improve our criminal justice system so that it saves and improves lives instead of damaging or destroying them.It’s a tough challenge because people entangled more

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When Jason Mewes forged a friendship with Kevin Smith, he probably didn’t realize he was also entering into a career-defining partnership. The two have since collaborated in more than a dozen proj,A&E Feature more

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For the most part, each Blonde Redhead album has been dreamier and less turbulent than the last—the New York group has reinvented itself several times over since its noisy 1995 debut—yet the group’s latest album, Penny Sparkle , is more

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When I was leading a workshop at a conference recently, I received the following question from a participant. “I have been with my boyfriend for one year. We are both virgins. We’re talking about having sex, but I’m not sure. How do more

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