Admirals Vs. Stars

It can be pretty tough to beat a weekend on the water, so for this distraction take a break and enjoy a quiet evening spent along Milwaukee's humble lakefront. more

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In the minds of most listeners, folk will always be intrinsically rural music, the sound of wide-open expanses,simple living and America as it used to be. But at least in Wisconsin, that’snot the case. Much of the best folk music in the state co.. more

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I remember an old sketch from TV's The Kids in the Hall that had the group's Kevin McDonald playing an arrogant acting instructor teaching an acting class that included at least one student who was way more talented than himself. Kind of a clever .. more


The Milwaukee Admirals take on the Texas Stars tonight at a 7 p.m. home game. more

Today in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Admirals’ 7 p.m. game against the Texas Stars tonight at the Bradley Center features a couple of odd promotions. Christopher Knight, the actor who played Peter Brady, will be there with his wife Adrianne Curry, the first more

Today in Milwaukee

Longtime Fox 6 morning news anchor Mark Concannon gives his last broadcast tomorrow morning, and to honor the media personality, the Milwaukee Admirals are offering $6 tickets to their game tonight against the Texas Stars. more

Today in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Admirals take on the Texas Stars tonight at a 7 p.m. Bradley Center game. After the game, two Admirals players will stick around to meet fans and sign autographs more

Today in Milwaukee