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February is kind of a weird month for the local stage. One element of that weirdness might be blamed on Gygax and Arneson. How does it happen that February ends up having a couple of different shows prominently featuring Dungeons & Dragons? Weird,.. more

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In this 1977 Italian crime drama (released on Blu-ray), an extortionist preys on shopkeepers by blowing up their businesses. As the body count climbs, a police inspector forms a “special squad” of young dudes on motorcycles to pursue lea... more

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Feature films with multiple stories in multiple places, yoked together under some common theme or other: It’s an idea as old as silent movies and the result has seldom been fully satisfying.Witness Third Person more

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A cast of stars (Adrien Brody, Glenn Close, Uma Thurman) reads passages from writings on Marilyn Monroe and from her own letters, diaries and jottings. Most of what emerges in this impressionistic chronicle of her life is familiar. She love... more

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Oscar-winner Adrien Brody's handsome face had already gone to hell before the opening scene of Wrecked. His character awakens in the wreckage of a car that had careened off the road. His leg is wedged under the sagging dashboard and the doors ar.. more

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From the medieval Jewish legend of the golem, later reanimated by Mary Shelley as Frankenstein’s monster, comes the idea that humans might have the power to create life in something like our own image. Usually, the story suggests that our i... more

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While the production is solid, it lacks a certain spark of inspiration. The clever costumi The Winter's Tale ,Theater more