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Psychotherapist Philip Chard talks about drug ads, and how the fake positivity influences people to buy dangerous substances. Read more

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In Frenemies, the New Yorker’s Ken Auletta investigates an advertising industry convulsed by unanticipated change whose ramifications have made Facebook rich and traditional media poor. Read more


The Moderns is a hefty survey of the extraordinary designs that poured out of American advertising agencies and graphic studios from the 1940s through the ’60s. Read more


A few weeks ago, it was announced that downtown’s MilwaukeeTheatre would now be known as the Miller High Life Theatre. The new name is theresult of a five-year naming rights deal between MillerCoors and the WisconsinCenter District, owne.. Read more

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A century ago, Americans were renowned as dour working stiffs. But by mid-century, the country was going on vacation. UW-Milwaukee media studies assistant professor Richard K. Popp investigates the shift in The Holiday Makers and finds seve... Read more


Steve Eichenbaum put together the advertising campaign that propelled underdog state Sen. Russ Feingold... Read more

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Have a Heart Dog Homes is an Oxford, Wis. no-kill animal shelter that dedicates itself to saving the lives of some of the most difficult animals to save, including dogs with history of aggression. Supporters of the organization are Read more

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I've realized that no matter how much Revlon make-up I buy, I'll never look like Halle Berry. But it took a while to get to that revelation. My fascination with advertising started in childhood with wanting to vacation at the Keebler "Hol.. Read more

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Steve Grimm's place in Milwaukee music history remains secure for having fronted one of the city's most prominent bands to make it to a major label. It's been a while since Bad Boy was a happening ,CD Reviews Read more

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There's something about the blues that keeps many of its legends healthy and active well into old age. Buddy Guy, for instance, still performs with unprecedented energy for a man now in his,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Dear Advertiser: Shepherd Express readership has grown for the third consecutive reporting period according to The Media Audit, an independent third party audit bureau used by media and advertising agencies to survey the Milwaukee marke.. Read more

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NAA analysis of new Google research finds that newspaper advertising drives online traffic, consumer purchasing. New consumer research conducted by Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo and commissioned by Google indicates that consumers frequently combine.. Read more

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Absolut Vodka came under fire last week for an advertisement run in magazines south of the border claiming that in an Absolut World, John McCain lives in Mexico.                    Today, the creator of the now defunct campaign apologized for .. Read more

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The Beatles’ only Wisconsin appearance was at the Milwaukee Arena in September 1964 Abbey Road ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The strife between Israel and Palestine has many human costs. One that seldom makes the evening news is the economic and social toll of closed borders, which have cut off many Palestinians from the commuter jobs they once enjoyed in Israel. .. Read more

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Even when Bob Mouldwas a young punk fronting Hüsker Dü during the 1980s, he grasped that District Line, ,CD Reviews Read more

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Certain Pentecostal sects have an odd way of proving their faith: They do so by handling Holy Ghosts ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The WinterGallery Night and Day provides several exhibits offering the experienceof chal Guys on Ice ,Art Read more

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What’s your take? Write: ,News Features Read more

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