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The ordinance, adopted last fall, establishes a license allowing venues with stages with less than 1,200 square feet of space to sell alcohol at shows with underage people in the audience. Read more

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“This revised ordinance will empower youth from across the city to organize, perform and attend concerts and multimedia arts events,” Kelsey Kaufmann said about the changes. Read more

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It’s not easy being an underage musician in Milwaukee. WebsterX remembers when he was under 21 trying to book shows here. It was doable, the rapper says, but it took a lot of extra time, energy and deal making to land those gigs. Read more

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Saturday, March 30th sees an eclectic mix of variety making it to the stage of the Quasi Mondo's space at The Fortress on 101 East Pleasant Street. Performances include Qausi Mondo itself, an act known only as "Friends With Bacon," Jessie Miller, .. Read more


It ended with an argument over Wendy's. Milwaukee's Violent Femmes had been playing together for nearly 30 years, but that shared history wasn't enough to keep them together in the wake one of the fast-food giant's ad campaigns, which used the Fem.. Read more

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A sizable crowd showed-up at Next Act's space on South Water Street last night for a reading of a new drama by Richard Kalinoski--the author of Beast on the Moon . Just one day after the close of In Tandem Theatre's production of that show, Kalin.. Read more


The World's Stage Theatre is looking to cast for a musical that will be staged at In Tandem's Tenth Street Theatre May 22nd - 26th. The musical will then be staged the following month at The Cherry Lane Theatre in New York. It sounds like a very .. Read more


There were plenty of holdouts (Nebraska being the most notable/vocal), but in the end they didn't stand in the way and the voice of the fans seems to have won.The 2014 college football season will feature a four-team playoff to decide the Nationa.. Read more

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Cheap Trick isn’t the only band doing a multiple-night residency in Milwaukee this month. The local acid-rock trio The Danglers celebrates 13 years of fusing metal, punk, jazz and classical music with a three-night residency at the Read more

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In October, Poland’s Polskie Radio reported anend to the 18-month legal battle betw Jersey Journal ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Read more

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Health officials and other brave leaders withinMilwaukee Public Schools (MPS) have done a not ,Taking Liberties Read more

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As Robert Wells, author of This Is Milwaukee, explains it, on the night of Sept. 6, 1861, This Is Milwaukee ,Milwaukee Color Read more

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As the people’s perennial political candidate for whatever office needsfilling, I d Three ministers and their wives, Presbyterian,Southern Baptist and a Methodist, are on a ,Art for Art's Sake Read more

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Its taken them a good 17 years, but Southern California’s Strung Out has been steadily, if slowly, growing an audience for their melodic blend of Bad Religion-esque punk and metal. This year the group released a new album, Agents of the Und... Read more

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For many Americans, the Fourth of July is all about getting outdoors with friends and family, slapping on some sunscreen, firing up the grill, consuming large amounts of chips and burgers and beer, and then loading on the bug spray in preparation .. Read more

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The Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove is getting set to start its new season. The opening show is a production of the Jerome Lawrence/ Robert Lee adaptation of the classic Patrick Dennis novel Auntie Mame. It’s the story of a young man who finds hims.. Read more


Just when I thought I had a handle on the summer theatre season, a new company announces a three-show summer season . . . with all three shows starting up NEXT MONTH. There’s very little into available about Youngblood . . . at least so far ... Read more


Recently, a Hollywood executive stated, “Anything that can’t be sold as a genre film or wasn’t conceived as a franchise is dead.” From the standpoint of an industry driven entirely by unrealistic projections of profit, with no concern about art, .. Read more

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It was a pleasant gathering of people in the lobby of the 10th Street Theatre. Hardly a huge crowd, but certainly more than enough of an audience to seem substantiala very personable introduction for the newly-formed Vanity Theatre Company. Peo.. Read more


The icecap is melting under the polar bears’ feet. The bees that pollinate the plants are disappearing and the bats that eat the bugs are dwindling. Enormous hurricanes have wreaked havoc on seacoasts and brush fires threaten cities. War and rumo.. Read more

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