AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin

This year’s theme, Make A Promise, "Don't Stop Us Now,” draws inspiration from the legendary British rock band Queen. Read more

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In Milwaukee, the LGBTQ community rose up to the challenge of the HIV/AIDS crisis while the government did nothing. Read more

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The health organization prepares to launch AIDS Walk Wisconsin/5K Run and AIDS Ride Wisconsin this summer and fall. Read more

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Six months. That’s the amount of time city and non-profit leaders have to come up with a solution to fix the high number of needles littered across Milwaukee’s streets. Read more

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HIV/AIDS went from a death sentence to a manageable condition, but 9.4 million people live with HIV without knowing it, and the specter of the AIDS pandemic still lingers in the US. Read more

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Dear Ruthie shares her calendar of events pertaining to the LGBTQ community in the greater Milwaukee area. Read more

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As a reaction to the Trump administration’s plan to erode transgender rights, the Milwaukee LGBT community is rallying Thursday, Oct. 25, at the Milwaukee City Hall to speak and vote against discrimination and hatred. Read more


ARCW’s 2018 AIDS Walk Wisconsin/5K Run takes place Saturday, Oct. 6. We urge you to join this annual effort to combat the pernicious spread of HIV/AIDS. Read more

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Off the Cuff with Brett Blomme, president and CEO of the Cream City Foundation. Topics include the philanthropic foundation’s elevated priority areas: health, equity and prosperity; as well as Blomme’s personal commitment to LGBTQ advancement. Read more

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Paul Masterson details some of the many LGBTQ-themed events and celebrations taking place during Pride Month. Read more


Madison is considering a pair of bills that could reduce LGBTQ protections from discrimination; an HIV/STI cluster in Milwaukee is being ignored by churches; and two Milwaukee Common Councilmen abstained from a vote on banning conversion ... Read more



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If you thought the Winter Olympics were pretty gay, Milwaukee LGBTQ summer sports are in the offing and it’s going to be a hot bat season, and then some. Read more


Recommended by the CDC to reduce the spread of HIV, PrEP can lower the rate of infection by nearly 90%, but, while PrEP awareness is well established on the coasts, it is significantly lower in the Midwest—especially among racial minorities. Read more

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Amid the storm of end-of-year giving letters, Paul Masterson recommends readers pay special attention to those from Diverse & Resilient, a premier LGBTQ organization located in the Harambee neighborhood that serves many people of color. Read more


Wisconsin’s AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) leads the way in the state in the ongoing fight against the spread of HIV, the deleterious effects of AIDS and the ignorance and bigotry about HIV/AIDS that still plague our country. Read more

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From its first year in 1990, the AIDS Walk has been a major fundraiser for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin and a focal point for community organizing around LGBTQ issues. Read more


Costumed pets take over Brady Street, while Vliet Street celebrates all things fall and Riverwest galleries open their doors. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Taken daily and combined with condom use and basic safe sex practices, a new HIV prevention medicine, PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), has proven to be more than 90% effective in preventing transmission of HIV through sexual activity. Read more

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The Trump Administration has no policy on LGBTQ health issues. Read more


Dear Ruthie expounds upon events in and around Milwaukee of interest to the LGBT community, in particular, the annual PrideFest, which takes place on the Summerfest grounds June 9-11. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Dear Ruthie answers readers’ letters and gives us a run-down of events of interest to the Milwaukee area LGBT community taking place between May 31 and June 4. Read more

Dear Ruthie