Air Guitar Showdown

The Alchemist Theatre is staging its production of King Lear this summer . . . one of many Shakespearings going on in Wisconsin this summer . . . and oddly enough, one of the few to be staged under a roof. Alchemist's cozy indoor space has hos.. Read more


Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has been produced about as much as one might expect from something that was written by Webber and Rice. Like any musical that's been around for a while, ti can be rea.. Read more


Goofy as it may sound, the popularity of the U.S. Air Guitar Championships has led to competitions like the Milwaukee Air Guitar Showdown, now in its third year, popping up all over the country. It’s easy enough to understand the appeal: Th... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

@ Circle-A Café, 8 p.m. DannyPrice looks and sings like a sailor who just received leave from a shipof the damned. When he sings, his face expresses intense concern, asif he is feeling all of the pain of those he sings about.,This Week in M... Read more

This Week in Milwaukee