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Adam Miszewski

Nearly everybody I know who saw Beach House’s 2010 performance at the Pabst Theater described it in one word: dark. In the spirit of their muse Mazzy Star, the band performed on a barely lit stage, casting only the faintest silhouettes, a moody bu.. Read more

On Music

Carlos Reygadas’ film Silent Light opens with a gorgeous, six-minute, time-lapse depiction of dawn breaking, and the film’s pace doesn’t pick up much from there. Filmed with minimal dialogue and non-professional actors, the movie ,Today Read more

Today in Milwaukee

I write this at my own peril. I plan on flying out to Boston in August to visit my family. The Transportation Security Agency has put CNN reporter Drew Griffin on the terrorist watch list. Why him and not, say, the more sinister sounding Wolf Bli.. Read more

Around MKE

WhenMarie Antoinette was reputed (however erroneously) to have waived o Carrot Cake Murder ,Books Read more